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  • Together, Taggr and Ligna Energy are exploring possibilities to drive a new era of eco-friendly asset tracking devices. The integration of Lignas ultrathin and green supercapacitors, coupled with an energy harvester, in Taggr’s devices could enable monitoring without adding unnecessary weight or bulk, making the technology more efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable, thereby maximizing the commercial and sustainability benefits of asset tracking. 


  • At Embedded World 2024 we were interviewed by ipXchange's Eamon Standing about our products and their various use cases.   "Not only are these storage solutions great for supporting energy harvesting devices in batteryless ambient IoT, Ligna Energy’s supercapacitors are made from recyclable non-toxic materials, are ultra-thin for the most compact designs, and are produced with a low carbon footprint in mind. If you want green, think Ligna Energy!"


  • Ligna Energy, known for their innovative and sustainable supercapacitors, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ONiO®, a leader in ultra-low-power, batteryless microcontrollers. This collaboration is a huge step towards a more green and eco-friendly Internet of Things (IoT) world.


  • Displaydata, a leader in retail technology solutions, and Ligna Energy, a trailblazer of sustainable and ultrathin supercapacitors, have officially announced their strategic collaboration to reshape the future of retail technology. This dynamic partnership will empower retailers to prioritize sustainability by replacing traditional lithium batteries with eco-friendly alternatives, ultimately transforming the way products are labeled and priced on store shelves.


  • For the sixteenth year in a row, Ny Teknik has named Sweden's 33 best, most innovative and promising young technology companies that are most interesting right now. We're extremely proud to be one of them!


  • Ligna Energy, a trailblazing Swedish cleantech company specializing in the development of bio-based supercapacitors, releases their latest innovation, "S-Power 2S". A product showcasing impressive performance, propelling us into the future of green energy storage technology.  


  • Ligna Energy, a trailblazer in sustainable energy storage solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful closing of a 10MSEK bridge round. This funding propels the company towards achieving their ambitious goal of volume production by the end of 2024.


  • Watch our CEO, Peter Ringstad, talk about sustainable IoT-solutions and how our supercapacitors  supercapacitor coupled with indoor light harvesters create self-powered sensor devices, eliminating the need for battery replacement and enabling smarter, energy efficient buildings.


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