Sustainable energy storage from our forests


The goal? A cost efficient, safe and environmentally friendly solution for energy storage that promotes a global accelerated shift towards fossil-free energy production.


The world is boiling. It requires a fast transition towards fossil-free sources. Production of electricity must match the demand, which gives poor utilization of capacity. Since 2015, electricity from renewable sources has been cheaper than from fossil fuels. Green, scalable and cost-effective storage of electricity is a prerequisite for the transition to a society free from fossil energy.


It’s fundamental: Circular economy. We make batteries from forest materials based on organic electronic polymers and biopolymers, which are used throughout the lifetime of the energy storage and then recycled and burned as biofuel. Thereby we maximize the utilisation of materials, enable fossil-free energy production and minimize the overall negative lifecycle impact.

Circular economy makes it possible


Groundbreaking energy technology for both large scale storage and flat maintenance free bio-batteries.

Sensors & IoT

Flat bio-batteries for maintenance free powering of electronics.

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Energy Storage

Groundbreaking energy technology for large scale storage.

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