Sustainable energy storage from our forests


In 2025, there will be 150 000 Internet of Things-devices connecting to the internet every minute. These devices need to be powered by something, in many cases with batteries. This will lead to an estimated 78 000 000 batteries powering IoT devices being dumped daily in that same year. A substantial portion of these batteries contain materials that are harmful to humans and the environment alike.


Our mission at Ligna Energy is to commercialize green and safe energy storage, by utilizing sustainable materials and innovative manufacturing methods. Our first series of organic energy storage is made from forest materials, making use of a residue stream of the material lignin. This material comes from the forest industry, which only regards it as biofuel today. Apart from that we use a water-based electrolyte and organic polymers to minimize safety hazards and maximize ease of disposal.


Our first product, the S-Power, has been developed to address the challenges that the expansion of IoT brings.

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