Displaydata and Ligna Energy join forces to revolutionize retail with sustainable electronic shelf labels

Almost all of today’s ESLs use some form of lithium battery with coin cells being the primary power source. Although this form of energy storage is convenient it has the drawback of requiring replacement at some point in the product life. By moving to an alternate energy storage solution Displaydata can reduce its dependency on an energy source that is in great demand whilst eliminating the existing battery replacement cycle, resulting in considerable improvement in the solution’s ROI.

The reason for joining forces stems from the companies’ mutual commitment to sustainability and Displaydata’s goal to transition away from lithium batteries. By incorporating Ligna’s green supercapacitors, combined with energy harvesting technologies, Displaydata aims to create innovative and eco-friendly products that align with their sustainability goals. This partnership marks a significant step toward reducing the environmental impact of retail operations.

“Displaydata is thrilled to join forces with Ligna Energy, a company that shares our passion for sustainability in the retail industry,” said Andrew Dark, CEO of Displaydata. “By harnessing Ligna’s expertise in ultrathin supercapacitors, we can offer our clients an eco-friendlier solution while increasing the high level of performance and efficiency they expect from our products. While our competitors embark on their journey to better sustainability, Displaydata moves the boundaries with this initiative and our Aeon, 10 year power displays. From day one our solutions have been ultra power efficient, have not required in-store servers, switches, large numbers of RF access points or domes and all the associated cabling and installation overheads required by others and that result in questionable environmental credentials.

Ligna Energy’s CEO, Peter Ringstad, expressed similar enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We are proud to collaborate with Displaydata in driving innovation within the retail sector. Together, we will lead the way in sustainable electronic shelf labels, benefiting both retailers and the environment.”

This collaboration between Displaydata and Ligna Energy aims to accelerate the adoption of environmentally friendly retail technology solutions, reducing the environmental footprint of the retail industry while enhancing the customer experience. The first step is to combine Ligna Energy’s storage with an energy harvesting technology that meets the demanding needs of the Electronic Shelf Edge Label environment. Creating a solution that removes the dependency on lithium whilst delivering unlimited image updates over the life of the product.

Displaydata, headquartered in Reading, United Kingdom, has a long-standing commitment to helping retailers optimize revenues and enhance the customer shopping experience. Their Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), featuring ultra-low power wireless technology, enable retailers to swiftly update labels, launch engaging promotions, display real-time stock levels, and adjust prices with unmatched agility. The collaboration with Ligna Energy will allow Displaydata to reduce its reliance on lithium batteries and introduce even more sustainable electronic shelf labels into the market.

Ligna Energy, based in Norrköping, Sweden, is an award-winning Swedish cleantech company known for its cutting-edge ultrathin supercapacitors, offers an efficient and green energy storage solution that utilizes the most eco-friendly materials, as opposed to harmful metals and toxic acids. These supercapacitors are ideal for powering various wireless electronics and align perfectly with Displaydata’s vision of pushing low-power solutions and sustainability in the retail sector.