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Ligna Energy wins Startup 4 Climate challenge

Startup 4 Climate is the biggest energy innovation challenge in northern Europe and we are super proud to say we are the winners. We can now call ourselves one of the most prominent climate innovations in Sweden!


Article in Elektroniktidningen (Swedish)

Ligna is now fully investing in developing a small printed component that stores energy - primarily to support energy harvesters of various kinds, such as Epishine's solar cells - but in the long term intended as a catalog product that can be purchased separately.


Ligna closes equity injection of €400K

Ligna Energy have successfully closed an internal investment round of 4.1 MSEK. The focus of this investment is to progress the development of our sensor powering battery and entering the IoT market. We see a very good fit between our sustainable materials technology and the applications relating to this growing [...]


Batteries made from wood are printed and tested in Ebbepark

A new and pioneering energy storing technology have been developed where batteriers are printed out of resources from the forest. The first electrodes have now been produced industrially in an electronics printer in Ebbepark. Going forward these batteries will be tested in Ebbepark where they will store energy from the... [...]


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