About us

Our story

In 2017 a material concept based on Lignin had reached a readiness for commercialization in the material research group, ‘Laboratory of Organic Electronics’ (LOE), at Linköping University. That is where our journey begins, in the university laboratories. Fast forward a few years and we have moved from labs to fabrication at our new facilities in the heart of Norrköping.

To this day our company remains fueled by ongoing collaborations with LOE and the region’s pioneers of printed electronics, ensuring a constant stream of expertise and intellectual property that powers our way forward.

In the beginning

We focused on developing large-scale storage solutions for solar and wind power. We successfully designed and built battery cells of various types (cylindrical, coins, pouch) where the common denominator was the roll-to-roll based electrode production. 


The team made a strategic decision to shift our focus towards small scale storage solutions aimed to support the rising need for sustainable IoT-devices. By utilizing our learnings from the past years, we were able to quickly produce samples of our first supercapacitor.


In the fall we released our first product, S-Power 1. It is a forest-based and very thin supercapacitor that pushes the boundaries both when it comes to utilizing sustainable materials in supercapacitors, but also production with roll-to-roll methods.

Our vision

The digitization of society offers positive changes for people and the environment alike. However, powering this digital transformation requires a lot of energy. Without sustainable energy storage solutions, this revolution may heavily strain our planet’s finite resources.

At Ligna Energy, we share the vision of a world where affordable and clean energy is accessible to everyone. We are devoted towards catalyzing this transition by providing a green energy storage solution.

Our mission

Our mission

We are committed to commercialize a green and safe energy storage solution that leverages sustainable materials and employs innovative manufacturing methods.

By focusing on innovation and sustainability, we aim to revolutionize the energy storage industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.


The Ligna Team

Jakob Backe


Ujwala Ail

Principal Scientist

Anders Hägerström

Product Validation Manager

Jie Xu

Process Engineer

John Söderström

Hedra Yalman

Lab Engineer

David Milton

Christian Brox-Nilsen

Production Engineer

Andreas Jackson

Product Integration