Ligna Energy selected as one of Sweden’s 33 best tech startups

For the sixteenth year in a row, Ny Teknik has named Sweden’s 33 best, most innovative and promising young technology companies that are most interesting right now. They have the potential to transform their industries and play an important role in technology shifts in society.

“To have been selected among Sweden’s 33 best tech startups is a great achievement for us, especially with such an impressive list of other companies. This recognition drives us to fulfill our mission of providing the world with green and safe energy storage solutions.” Says Peter Ringstad, CEO of Ligna Energy

The number of connected sensors is increasing significantly, and they require electrical energy to measure, transmit, and receive information. Ligna Energy handles the power supply with a thin supercapacitor manufactured in a roll-to-roll process using eco-friendly waste products from nature. Together with a printed small indoor solar cell, IoT sensors can become self-sufficient without the need for power cords, batteries, or problematic metals. The innovation is based on research at Linköping University, and the company launched its second product in October. Several customers are now evaluating the technology for various applications. One example is a network of sensor nodes measuring and transmitting data on humidity, temperature, and air quality in buildings. At the same time, the company is scaling up its production facility in Norrköping with support from Vinnova and the EU. The goal is to achieve mass production next year.