By 2025, an estimated 27 billion IoT devices will be connected to the internet, requiring power sources such as batteries. As a consequence, around 80 million batteries from IoT devices are projected to be discarded daily that year. A significant proportion of these batteries pose risks to both humans and the environment due to their harmful materials.

That is why we have developed a more sustainable supercapacitor for the IoT market, where the technology cooperates with nature and does not involve difficult-to-handle battery scrap.

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Green electronics to
create green buildnings

Buildings account for up to 40% of energy consumption in the EU and generate about 36% of its CO2 emissions. Connected sensors in buildings can optimize energy usage, reducing energy consumption drastically and CO2 emissions by multiple 100 millions tonnes.

Our sustainable supercapacitor coupled with indoor light harvesters create self-powered sensor devices, eliminating the need for battery replacement and enabling smarter, energy efficient buildings.

Paperlike electronic labels

To constantly re-print paper labels can be extremely time-consuming, expensive and wasteful. To implement a electronic labels system helps retailers save money and manage resources in a more effective way.

The S-Power, in combination with an energy harvester, makes these digital labels paper-like, green and extends their lifespan compared to coin cell batteries.

Thin and disposable trackers

Active asset trackers enables real-time tracking which optimizes supply chain operations and customer service, for safe and timely delivery of products.

Our thin supercapacitor allows monitoring of assets without adding unnecessary weight or bulk. The S-Power is easy to dispose of due to its bio-based recipe, reducing the trackers environmental impact.

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One pack contains 5x S-Power cells. The cost of the pack is 100€, ex. shipping.