Ligna Energy secures 10MSEK in funding, accelerating on the path to revolutionize energy storage.

Ligna Energy, a trailblazer in sustainable energy storage solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful closing of a 10MSEK bridge round. This funding propels the company towards achieving their ambitious goal of volume production by the end of 2024.

“With this capital injection, we are gearing up to launch our next product, ‘S-Power 2’, this fall.
This upgraded product is already in the hands of selected customers for evaluation, and we anticipate faster integration into their systems, increased sales, and higher pre-order volumes.
Simultaneously, we are boosting our production capacity at our Norrköping facility,” states CEO Peter Ringstad.

This funding round included both new and existing shareholders, e.g. Klimatet Invest and partners and Navigare Ventures. Among the new investors we see Neptunia Invest and Cebon Group, who bring not only capital but invaluable market expertise to Ligna’s journey. Cebon Group, a prominent distributor of batteries in Europe, is already collaborating with Ligna to bring “self-powering solutions” to the next level for the Internet of Things (IoT)-market.

S-Power: Thin & sustainable energy storage for the IoT-market

Ligna Energy is at the forefront of revolutionizing sustainable energy storage with their ‘S-Power’ product series, tailored for self-powered electronics. The S-Power products possess unique properties, such as remarkable thinness and unrivaled sustainability, making them the preferred choice for energy storage needs.

By harvesting energy from sources such as light or radio waves and storing it in the S-Power, electronics remain powered throughout their entire lifecycle. No more need for maintenance or the disposal of harmful batteries. What’s more, S-Power’s innovative design is driving material efficiency to new heights. The result? IoT applications like trackers and shelf labels are not just thinner but also competitive.

Ligna Energy is setting the gold standard for sustainable and efficient energy storage on the IoT-market.