Ligna Energy releases their next-generation supercapacitor

Introducing the S-Power 2S, a compact, green and powerful energy storage component, pioneering a new era of eco-design in IoT-devices.
In September 2022, Ligna Energy released its first sustainable supercapacitor “S-Power 1” and has since been collaborating with clients to create greener IoT-devices. Through feedback from their partners, the S-Power 2S came to life and will now provide the market with a compact, green and powerful energy storage alternative.

Eager to share the news, Peter Ringstad, CEO of Ligna Energy, comments, “We’re thrilled to introduce the ‘S-Power 2S’ to the world. Our team has worked diligently to create a product at such a fast pace that not only offers excellent performance but also contributes to our collective responsibility towards a greener future.”

With a focus on sustainability, the company has developed the S-Power series and the new 2S. Like its forerunner, the new product continues to harness the power of forest-derived materials. Compared to competitors, the 2S stands out with its low CO2 equivalent emissions, non-toxic content, and distinctive form factor. 

The 2S represents a significant advancement in Lignas supercapacitor technology. It offers more than double the energy capacity compared to the first product, making it suitable for an even wider range of applications. Its lower internal resistance enables faster charging from energy harvesting modules, such as solar energy. Additionally, S-Power 2S is designed to be thinner and almost half the size of its predecessor, making it an ideal choice for space-constrained applications. Moreover, it is engineered with an improved environmental footprint, as Ligna Energy has worked to reduce its CO2-equivalent emissions, positioning it as a more sustainable option for environmentally conscious companies.

“We are proud that we have in such short time managed to improve on every vital aspect that the market asked for. We are now ready to head towards our goals of upscaling our production during 2024.” says Jakob Backe, Chief Technology Officer. 

Early 2023, Ligna moved into their new production facilities in central Norrköping and has since been developing and installing their production line. Their production methods allow them to produce ultra-thin supercapacitors, that are not only more efficient but also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. The manufacturing process is designed with a strong emphasis on automation and modularity, serving as the cornerstone of the company’s cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, this approach allows for a gradual expansion of production capacity that aligns with their sales development.

Key improvements of the “S-Power 2S”, compared to the S-Power 1:

  1. “S-Power 2S” carries more than double the energy capacity, offering a more extensive range of application areas. 
  1. Lower internal resistance enables faster charging from energy harvesting modules, such as solar or radio energy. 
  1. “S-Power 2S” is thinner and almost half the size of its predecessor, making it ideal for space-constrained application. 
  1. Ligna Energy has also improved the carbon footprint of the “S-Power 2S,” with a reduced CO2-equivalent – making it a more sustainable choice for eco-conscious companies.

The release of “S-Power 2S” reinforces Ligna Energys mission to commercialize green and safe energy storage solutions that cater to a more sustainable development of the Internet of Things-industry. Samples of “S-Power 2S” are now made available, and Ligna Energy is excited to partner with businesses seeking to improve their eco-design in IoT-devices.