Ligna has been granted funds by Vinnova to research new bio-based raw materials for future energy storage solutions.

For us at Ligna Energy it is important to keep researching new innovative bio-based raw materials for our future energy storage solutions. That’s why we’re thrilled to say we’ve been granted funds by Vinnova to research melanin produced by residues from the forest and paper industry. In this project we’ll collaborate with RISE, Ragn-Sells & Rottneros Bruk. 

The need to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide drives the electrification of society. Batteries and other types of electrochemistry today contain a large proportion of non-renewable materials such as e.g., metals.

Domestic bio-based raw material has the potential to partly reduce the sensitivity to disturbances in the supply of critical raw materials and to improve the environmental sustainability of batteries.

The goal of this project is to show that melanin produced by residual products from the forest and paper industry can be used in electrochemical cells, as electrodes in electrochemical energy storage, as a mediator in battery chemistry, or other electrochemical functions.