Ligna Energy & Ynvisible Production granted major funding from Swedish innovation agency Vinnova

We are very happy to announce that we have, together with our partner Ynvisible Production, been granted 11.5 MSEK from the Vinnova project “Scaling up for a sustainable industry in 2023”. This gives us a boost to rapidly trim and optimize our production to reach industrial capabilities.

The motives of the decision from Vinnova is summarized as follows:

“The application concerns a project proposal regarding energy storage with a primary focus on the IoT market. The idea is highly relevant as the IoT market is experiencing strong growth and is in great need of more environmentally friendly energy supply options than the current solutions offer.

The concept has been successfully tested on a smaller scale but now needs to be scaled up to demonstrate that the system can be applied on an industrial scale.

The constellation of actors is assessed to have good conditions for validating the scaled-up solution and, through access to relevant contacts and networks, disseminating the project results in the form of commercially viable offerings.

Vinnova assesses that the project has great potential to contribute to a sustainable industry and that the implementation plan is sufficiently convincing to generate benefits beyond the constellation.”