Introducing Ben

‘Ben’ is a climate sensor jointly created by Epishine, Ynvisible Interactive Inc, and Ligna Energy, focusing on sustainability and using printed electronics. This little device monitors indoor carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and humidity. What’s neat about ‘Ben’ is its eco-friendliness. It draws all the power it needs from Epishine’s organic indoor solar cells and stores it in Ligna’s bio-based and super-thin supercapacitor, reducing environmental impact.

The user interface is straightforward: Ynvisible’s display shows temperature and warns if CO2 levels are high, helping users make informed choices about their surroundings.

This collaboration showcases the potential of eco-conscious technology from Sweden, without fancy jargon or bragging. It’s a step towards greener electronics, aligning with today’s sustainability goals. ‘Ben’ represents a down-to-earth, practical approach to a more eco-friendly future.