After the wooden battery innovation – Ligna Energy releases their product for the IoT-market

The entrepreneurs behind Ligna Energy releases their latest innovation, a rechargeable energy storage that they call “S-Power”. The new product is developed for small, connected units, for example sensors or other low power devices.

The digital transformation of our society requires an ever-increasing demand for dataflow between the physical and digital worlds. This will lead to approximately 150 000 IoT devices being connected to the internet every minute by 2025. These units are primarily powered by conventional batteries, containing materials such as lithium and cobalt. That same year the quite breathtaking number 78 000 000 batteries will be dumped globally every single day.

“S-Power will make green IoT-devices possible – a necessity for the digitalization across the globe. Even if our component is hidden in the final product, it will play a visible role for a sustainable IoT-development” says Peter Ringstad, CEO.

Ligna Energy is devoted to commercializing green and safe energy storage, by utilizing sustainable materials and innovative manufacturing methods. Their first product has the characteristics of a supercapacitor with the goal of addressing the challenges of the rapid expansion of wireless IoT-devices. It’s an environmentally friendly solution with a form factor that is thin and flexible, well suited for surface-related geometries and in most cases operating together with an energy harvester.

One application example is a temperature and moisture sensor network in a building, where each node is powered by an indoor solar cell and an S-Power storage.

It’s very exciting to finally release this innovation and show what we’ve been working on for a long time. Now we’re hoping that companies at the front edge of sustainability work will embrace the S-Power and enable a green transition.” says Peter Ringstad, CEO.

For more technical data, visit our product-page and download the datasheet.