Ligna Energy and Bright Day Graphene initiates cooperation

To achieve our mission to supply the world with a sustainable way of storing energy, we need to find suppliers with similar ambitions and values as our own. That’s why we are very happy to announce we’ve started collaborating with another promising Swedish startup, Bright Day Graphene.

Here to tell you more about the company is their CEO, Malin Alpsten:

Hi Malin! Can you tell us a bit more about BDG and what you do?

Yes of course. Bright Day Graphene is a private company based in Kista with 7 employees and we produce graphene from lignin. There are just a few methods to make bio-based graphene today and our method has received great interest. Besides being biobased our production method also allows us to produce a graphene with higher quality that most other graphene on the market. Higher quality means better electrical properties and high transparency for instance. We are still producing small quantities in our lab, but the next step is to scale up the production in an industrial pilot.

Why do you do what you do? What guides you and your colleagues in your work?

We started the company because we wanted to combine our professional skills with doing good. We were then blessed to find like-minded and talented colleagues. Graphene is such a cool material that has the potential to level up many cleantech applications. With our green graphene we can add the bio-based dimension to make everything even more sustainable. That is our mission: to provide a material that is the foundation for a sustainable society!

What do you hope to get out of the collaboration with us at Ligna Energy?

Since Ligna also wants to create a more sustainable society with lignin, it is a perfect match for us. Lignin + lignin = true green technology. We look forward to inventing the future together with Ligna.