Sensors & IoT

A pre-condition to the expansion of digital service in our society is access to sensor data and information. This requires energy and power. A rechargeable power source for a large number of small units is our proposal. We are utilizing smart and sustainable solutions to drive sustainability to the next level.

Small scale

Ligna’s base storage technology is adaptable. Our S-Power products provides maintenance free power to millions of IoT units. This includes sensor and display powering in combination with energy harvesting from for example solar cells.

Install & forget

The ultimate sensor unit is completely maintenance-free for its entire life, this means saving costs and trouble. The sensor should be safe to handle by anyone, and at the end of life be possible to handle as normal waste. Ligna S-power contributes to this vision.


Roll-to-roll manufacturing set-up including component testing. High volume and high level of automation to a handy component format. A seamless manufacturing path with a strong supplier network enables high volume production and quality assurance.

Powering sensors
and displays

Ligna Energy S-power accumulates energy to the right level and enables transfer in time for electronics to operate. For a wide range of applications, in many cases, related to sensors or display.

Smart buildings & control

Be in charge of your property.

  • Energy savings
  • Better living and working climate
  • Higher surface utilization

Application partners

Asset tracking & monitoring

Be in charge of your products.

  • Easy to find
  • At the right conditions
  • Product quality tracking

Application partners

Electronic labels & displays

Be in charge of your information.

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Cost efficient re-labeling
  • Extended products experience

Application partners

S-power benefits

Flat flexible disposable energy storage, at the right cost. Cutting your maintenance and installation costs, improving the climate impact.


Smart selection of materials and production methodology. Label delivery format for unit manufacturing integration.

Sustainable & combustible

No harmful materials. Well within the grace zone for disposal. A bio-unit enabler.

Thin & flexible

Flat (<1mm) and bendable. Shape and size can be adapted to customer needs for larges series.

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