Sensors & IoT

The digital transformation of our society requires an ever-increasing demand for dataflow between the physical and digital worlds. This requires power and energy. Our contribution is a rechargeable, thin and green supercapacitor for many small devices.


Smart building sensor unit

Digitalization allow real estates to be used in new innovative ways to create value for both tenants and real estate owners.
The S-Power combined with an indoor light harvester creates a green sensor device without the need for battery replacement.

Electronic shelf label

To constantly re-print paper labels can be extremely time-consuming, expensive and wasteful. To digitize shelf labels helps retailers save money and manage resources in a more effective way. The S-Power in combination with an energy harvester makes these digital labels greener and extends their lifespan further.

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One pack contains 5x S-Power cells. The cost of the pack is 100€, ex. shipping.